50 years ago, 2 ski manufacturers met a ski ace, 3 young people hit it off, to design the polar expedition mountain ski jacket, with bold colors, novel design, blockbuster to Moncler down the world famous. 1954 Moncler products were selected as the Italian expedition to the ancient empire of the equipment. Moncler clothing picture appreciation,Moncler clothing pictures appreciation, Moncler provides the French expedition to Makale. In 1957, in order to prevent the product filling demand and improve labor efficiency, Moncler moved to have more raw materials of Grenoble. Moncler in 1964 by the founder of the Terray set up branch in Alaska.

Moncler became an official supporter of the French national ski team at the tenth Winter Olympics held in Grenoble in 1968. 1974 Ramillon Rene to the company to take care of her daughter Charlon Anni. Moncler down fever broke out among the students in Japan in 1980. In the early 80s Italy bought Moncler down jackets with high income, they only used it on the ski.

In 1983 the situation was changed by a new phenomenon. This phenomenon is very similar to that year in Japan, is to collect all the luxury goods in Milan is known as the paninari Italy fashion crazy people have chosen Moncler jacket as the only collection. Because of the cold weather is not easy to go out is also a sought after reason. In 1985, 50000 in Italy alone sold out jacket. The most popular style is the additional nylon shoulder pads nylon fabric and removable sleeve style, the most popular color is orange and yellow, cheap moncler jackets the two models are very hard to find in the shops. [4]

Moncler 2013 spring summer fashion men's show (17 pieces). 1987 Moncler will be the new office area and factory address in an industrial area on the edge of Grenoble: Echirolles. nike dunks shoes The layout also began to expand by increasing and starting a new product.

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